Updates: detailed statistics for in-bot payments and new pricing plans

By 22.10.2016 No Comments

In this release we introduce some major updates for in-bot payments.

Each Miniapps chatbot developer now gets additional virtual account, where he/she receives money from end-users that make purchases in chatbots.  Thus, there are two accounts for each user. One is used to pay for Miniapps services. The second one is where all the income from chatbots is deposited. The process of withdrawing money from a virtual account to a real PayPal account will be published on the website.

There are also changes in pricing plans. The new $5 account has all additional plugins, like in-bot payments and verification of users, plus ability to use external links and email support. Premium account will be released later and will allow private VPN connection plus ability to push bots to a required phone numbers.

Stay tuned for more updates.