Update: tiPay – in-bot payments available now! And other features.

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Hello Developers!

Two updates today:

1. tiPay: in bot purchases

We are glad to announce that now you can monetize your bot by using tiPay gadget. tiPay is our payment system for in-bot purchases.

The gadget is available through Bot Builder Wizard. We’ll add instructions on how to add tiPay through code soon.

Each request of tiPay gadget by bot users, costs you $0.10.

2. Integration with IPS

Innovative Profiling System (IPS) is our service that provides fast and easy technique of generating user profiles on mobile handsets. IPS lets you create your own questionnaires and gather the customer data appropriate to your business. Now we integrated it with Miniapps. Questionnaires can be created by any non tech-savvy person.

Why use IPS instead of Bot Builder Wizard? IPS has great statistical reports that can be presented in a lot of ways (by outlet, by city, by region, by salesman, etc.), freely configurable through the web interface. With its reporting mechanism, IPS represents a powerful instrument for creating surveys and questionnaires.

You can access it through “Services” tab in the upper left corner. The service is free.

P.S. We are working on the update to restore Microsoft Bot Framework! We are planning new release on the 4th of August.

– The Miniapps Team