Miniapps Version 1 launch

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Dear Developers,

We are glad to present you “Miniapps”, the platform for effortless development of bots. Using our API, you can easily create bots and launch them on multiple messenger platforms.

Right now you can launch bots on the following channels:

  1. Telegram
  2. Skype
  3. As a USSD mobile service through SS7 Network.

Platforms we are working on:

  1. Microsoft Bot Framework
  2. Vkontakte
  3. Line
  4. WeChat
  5. OK

A big part of the platform is additional features, or as we call them, “gadgets”:

  1. “Bot Builder Wizard”. You can use “Bot Builder Wizard”, which allows quickly create a bot without any coding.
  2. Google Analytics (GA) integration. By integrating with GA you can receive full statistics on your bot usage in real time, the same way GA does it with web sites.

There are a lot more nifty gadgets to come, one of which is tiPay, which you can use to accept payments from users of your bots. We believe this will encourage you to create really awesome bots.

Oh, and this is completely free! No limits on interactions, bots, or accounts. Register now and get started.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and please leave us feedback at

– The Miniapps Team